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Ageless Actives? is a fantastic product carefully designed to protect the human cells against premature ageing. Consisting of Vitamin D3 which is important for the functioning of calcium in the body, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and resveratrol. This is the perfect combination for healthy cells as well as a strong balanced immune system.

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Isagenix Ageless Actives

What is it?

Ageless actives contain some of the most commonly-deficient vitamins that we could all benefit from. Whilst other Isagenix products focus on a variety of different vitamins and minerals, ageless actives focus in on two of the most important substances for human health: Vitamin D and Coenzyme Q10. Vitamin D deficiency affects most people in the English-speaking world, with serious deficiency leading to serious health problems such as osteoarthritis and various forms of cancer. Making sure that we keep up with these vitamins is an essential part of staying as healthy as possible for as long as possible ? after all, health and nutrition should be ageless!

How does it work?

Vitamin D is a compound produced when the skin comes into contact with sunlight, however, many of us are unable to produce enough vitamin D unless we spend all day outside in the sun. This means that we have to get vitamin D through both diet and supplementation. Vitamin D is often found in fortified dairy products, but supplementation often provides the easiest and most effective method for meeting the body?s needs. Ageless actives provides a large dose of bioavailable vitamin D to ensure that calcium is absorbed and used by the body, maintaining the health of bones, teeth, skin, hair, muscles and mammary tissues in women (to reduce the risk of breast cancer, for example).

Coenzyme Q10 is an essential part of the humane energy production process, being essential to the production of energy in the mitochondria ? the area of many cells where raw ingredients are turned into energy. CoQ10 is vital to survival for humans and can be found in some foods, but supplementation is a great way to avoid deficiency and make sure that we are giving our bodies every possible chance to stay healthy and perform at their best.

Who can this product benefit?

This product is primarily aimed at those who are looking to age well and support the systems of the body. This also applies mainly to those who live in dark climates or work indoors ? if you?re working 12-hour days in construction in sunny climates this product may not be for you, but for everyone else it is important to supplement D vitamins to be sure of health and wellness. This is also important for those who are 40 and over ? as we age, the risks associated with vitamin D deficiency increase and osteoarthritis becomes a more present and realistic threat. Vitamin D combats this risk and keeps bones healthy.

Key benefits and effects

  • Protects bone health, as well as skin, hair, teeth, muscles and breast tissue
  • Combats breast cancer risk
  • Keeps muscles healthy and functioning optimally
  • Bioavailable, meaning that it absorbs well and is used by the body (unlike some lower-quality brands of vitamin D)
  • CoQ10 improves energy

Closing remarks

Ageless actives are here to improve some of the most important processes associated with human health and ageing, reducing the risk of certain cancers, osteoarthritis and improving performance in sports, exercise and life. Essential vitamins such as vitamin D are important ? hence the name ? Ageless actives provides you with the tools to improve how you age and stay healthier for longer.

Ageless Actives – 120 capsules

IngredientQuantity per Capsule
Cholecalciferol (Vit D3)6.25 mcg (250 IU)
Ubidecarenone (Co-Enzyme Q10)25 mg
Linum usitatissimum (Flaxseed) seed powder15 mg
Polygonium cuspidatum dry root
Equivalent to 62.5 mg Resveratrol
10 g
Punica granatum (Pomegranate) fresh fruit25 mg
Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) dry root5 mg
Lycium chinense (Wolfberry) fresh fruit5 mg
Curcuma longa (Tumeric) dry root5 mg
Vitus vinifera (Red Grape) fresh fruit68.75 g

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