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Isagenix Isalean shake review: Is it worth it?

As American writer Mark Twain once said, be careful about reading a health book, some fine day you may die of a misprint.? Today we review Isalean shake to give you information about everything there is to know about Isalean shake and if there is any fine print you need to worry about. (We wouldn’t you to die now, would we? 😉

According to, IsaLean Shake is a nutritious, balanced meal replacement clinically tested to promote effective, healthy weight loss and lean muscle building? these heavy-weight words set the bar pretty high. Let’s check out if it lives up to the hype and is it worth YOUR money.

What is in it?

  1. Protein: 24 g per serving ( 48 % of DV )
  2. Calories: 240 per serving ( 10 % of DV )
  3. Dietary fibers : 8 g per serving ( 32 % of DV )
  4. Sugar: 11 g per serving ( 33 % of DV )

*Daily Values are calculated on basis of an average diet of 2000 calories per day

Other nutrients include:

  • Cholesterol: 45mg
  • Sodium: 260mg
  • Potassium: 320mg

First things first, let’s check out what is in Isalean. According to its nutritional profile, it provides 24 g of protein with 23 minerals and vitamins (which is the highest we have seen so far). The calorie count stands at 240 calories per serving. Some of you may think, but xyz shake has fewer calories. But calories are not everything; you need proper nutrition with them too. (Or else you would have gone on a hunger strike instead of coming here, wouldn’t you?)

At 24 g protein per serving Isalean shake comes out a top contender as far as meal replacement shakes to go. This results in IsaLean shake being a happy member of the Isagenix 9-day cleanse program. But not all protein is the same. Isalean uses easy-to-digest whey protein from pasteurized cows. This, in turn, increases the metabolism of the body resulting in faster and more efficient fat loss.

Quality whey protein is known to assist in digestion and is a source of quality amino acids (denatured amino acids to be precise; in layman’s terms: longer amino acids) which aid in a better functioning and stronger immune system.

According to official Isagenix sources, the whey produced is from cows without giving them any source of hormones or antibiotics. Although not confirmed, no complaints were found against them either.

There is high content of sugar found as compared to other shakes, i.e. 11 g per serving (approx. 40% of advised daily value) although not very high; this may concern you if you are extra picky about what you eat. Or if you are diabetic or allergic to sugar. If so, you can try their Isagenix for diabetics.

Speaking of allergies, IsaLean shake was found to be soy free and some dairy alternatives are also present, but keep in mind if you are lactose intolerant, physician advice is recommended beforehand because of enzyme lactase present in the shake. It improves digestion and appetite but may or may not affect people with lactose intolerance.

High quantity of quality dietary fiber (which is 32% of the daily recommended dosage by FDA) puts it in high nutritional value category (Over 20% of DV per serving). You must be thinking: why do I need fiber so much if I am replacing meals with shakes in the first place? The reason being, high quality fiber reduces bloating of the stomach and uneasiness caused by many of the low-quality shakes present in the market today.

The high-quality protein, fiber, sweetener, and blend of vitamins and minerals make this shake stand out from other meal replacements.

*Note: The above information came from the Strawberry Cream flavor of IsaLean. However, the other flavors are very similar in macronutrient and nutrient quantities.

How does it work?

You can blend this shake with water as well as milk to make an instant drink. Isalean shake can be used to replace up to 2 meals per day for an average person. If you are a highly active person, up to 3 meals can be replaced or consider opting for Isagenix performance pack (available here.)

Research conducted by our team showed us a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:

  • Lower Calorie intake with a High amount of protein improves metabolism
  • Digestive enzymes present in the shake aid in superior digestion
  • Appetite-suppressant keeps hunger at bay for longer periods of time

Isalean shake is currently present in five different flavors:

  1. Creamy French Vanilla
  2. Strawberry Cream
  3. Creamy Dutch Chocolate
  4. Black Sesame
  5. Orange Cream

A quick search on Google shows Creamy Dutch Chocolate takes the crown as the fan favorite with Creamy French Vanilla coming in a close second. Black sesame can be consumed either hot or cold and is rising in popularity quickly.

Numerous reviews from consumers worldwide present Isalean shakes as great in taste, however, some of them did present it as too sweet for their taste. If you are especially strict with your daily intake of sugar, I would recommend other variations without sugar. However, if you are like me and prefer taste over a couple of grams of sugar, Isalean comes out on top – hands down when it comes to taste.


Isagenix shakes were found to be stars of the arena when it comes to consistency. No lumps were found when mixed with water and minimal to non-existent when it is mixed with milk. Isalean shakes were found to have a thick profile with a smooth texture and even taste.

The number of consumers complaining about thick profiles could be counted on one hand. If you prefer a thinner taste too, mixing it with water is recommended over milk.

Satisfaction level

Isalean uses high-quality appetite suppressants to curb hunger resulting in feeling full without the burden of additional calories. Although the exact name of the suppressant could not be found out (The things they do in the name of trade secrets) J but no complaints or side effects of any type were known to occur at the time of writing this review.

The average time of hunger curbing by Isalean shakes were found to be around 3 hours. These results were attributed to various digestive enzymes. Depending on your level of activity during the day, craving times were found to fluctuate +- 1 hour. Overall, most of the users we found were highly satisfied with the product.

Pro’s and Con’s

No review is complete without a pros and cons list. If you are in a hurry and? don’t have the time to read through the article in detail, the following list will summarize it for you and make it easier for you to decide.





Note: The price comes from quality. With the 30-day system, you are replacing 2 meals per day, cutting your cost on food and offsetting your total cost for the month. When this is taken into consideration, it’s easy to see why people stick with Isagenix as a lifestyle choice for weight loss and nutrition.


Final verdict

Comparing all the bells and whistles provided by Isalean shakes with other prominent players in the market, it can be easily concluded that Isalean shakes are one of the top players in the weight loss segment. Coupled with other programs like Isagenix 30 day cleanse or Isagenix for Diabetics? or Isagenix for Vegans (Based on your dietary preferences) it easily contends for the top position in weight loss supplement segments. To answer our initial question asked; Is it worth it? Yes.

Final score: 9/10

Feel free to let us know about your journey with Isalean shakes and your story. You may get a chance to feature on our site. For more details regarding the same, contact us here.