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What Does an Isagenix Diet Look like?

Whilst Isagenix supplements provide a fantastic basis and assistance to weight loss, the basis of any effective, long-term body transformation is a diet that provides all the nutrients you need to fuel yourself with less calories than your body will use on a daily basis. We have put the Isagenix diet together to give you some guidance and support as you make big changes to your body ? this is a very low-calorie that is intended to provide a basic, 9-30 day short-term change before you proceed to a long-term, sustainable weight loss diet.

We want to state from the very start that these diets are not suitable for long-term or year-wide use: they are designed for beginners to dieting in order to accelerate short-term diet success and set the foundation for a long-term supplement and diet solution to your health and body composition.

It’s healthy and suggested that you do continue using Isagenix products in your diet after the first 30 day cleanse to help with maintaining your nutrition, however you should increase your calorie intake as you run out of fat to use as energy.

How do we structure the Isagenix cleanse diet?

When we?re looking to perform a cleanse of the body, the Isagenix approach is simple: reduce calories by a lot for a week to a month, this allows the body time to adapt and reduce dependence on sugary and processed foods. If you manage to complete the 9 or 30-day cleanse, you?re going to have some great short-term results to show for it and also improve your chances of long-term success.w can help you on your journey.

The Isagenix diet covers the following structure:

Pre-Cleanse day:

Meal 1: IsaLean meal replacement shake
Meal 2: 400-600 calorie meal
Meal 3: IsaLean meal replacement shake

Cleanse day:

Meal 1: Cleanse for life (4x per day)
Meal 2: Isagenix Snacks (up to 6x per day)
Focus on huge amounts of fluid and keeping yourself hydrated. Cleanse days are tough but they?re a great way to keep your digestive system healthy and keep your nutrients high whilst keeping your calories incredibly low.

Shake day:

Meal 1: IsaLean Shake
Meal 2: 400-600 calorie meal
Meal 3: IsaLean shake

What is a “sensible” 400-600 calorie meal?

Obviously, there’s a lot of wiggle room on a 400-600 calorie meal and this is a big variable for dietary success. There are a few things that make a sensible meal: protein, fats, carbs and micronutrients.


Choose high-quality protein sources such as wild atlantic salmon, grass-fed beef, chicken breast, turkey or any other complete plant or animal protein source. This makes the meal better for weight loss whilst also increasing fullness.


Dietary fats are important: increasing the intake of good fats is key, as these aren?t in your meal replacement shakes. We suggest fatty fish, fruit like Avocado, seeds, nuts and certain legumes.


Carbs should come from veg, beans and wholegrains or good starches. This means no processed carb sources or added sugars. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, oatmeal, bean salads and leafy green veg are some fantastic staples!


When we look at getting sufficient vitamins and minerals we have one major rule: eat as much leafy green veg as possible. This also means lots of variety in your choice of veg ? consume many colours and types of vegetables, giving your body the best mixture of nutrients to support health and fat loss.

Closing remarks

The Isagenix cleanse/shake diet is a great way to kickstart your weight loss and prepare your body for effective, long-term weight loss. We do not recommend a long-term dependence on cleansing diets but they can provide a fantastic opportunity to improve gut health and combat common carb cravings.

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