Isagenix Cleanse vs Detox

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Cleanses are often confused with detoxes and other forms of supplement industry products, but the Isagenix cleanse is not comparable to either detox processes (such as generic, overpriced teas) or laxative-based intestinal cleanses. What Isagenix cleanse products aim to do is provide a healthier environment in the body by supporting health in the organs that regulate and purity our bodies, using healthy, plant-based extracts.

How do Isagenix cleanses work?

As mentioned above, Isagenix cleanses utilise a variety of plant extracts primarily berries, vegetables and herbs in order to provide natural nutritional support to the intestines, kidneys, liver and a whole host of other organs. This is a tonic for health: it improves a wide variety of health markers and improves metabolism and energy, all whilst providing the feeling of being healthier and more energetic.

The deep-cleansing effects of our cleanse days are reliant on Cleanse for life, a product that provides complete support to a wide variety of bodily processes, and IsaFlush, a high-fibre laxative-free supplement that naturally improves digestive health and regularity. Whilst many other “cleanses” or detoxes focus on chemically-induced clearing of the intestines or making you drink a lot of overpriced herbal teas, Isagenix cleanse for life provides high-density vitamin and mineral supplements that improve the body’s own filtration and detoxing systems to improve health and kickstart your weight loss.

What are the benefits of cleansing this way?

Cleansing through nutritional support, rather than attempting to take chemical shortcuts, has some big benefits for the body. Firstly, and most obviously, we avoid all the side effects and long-term dangers associated with regular laxative or diuretic use. This is important because a cleanse should improve health overall, and causing long-term digestive problems is definitely not healthy! Responsible supplement use is essential and Isagenix products are a great way to achieve this.

Secondly, an increased nutrient intake will support all the bodily processes rather than just removing mass from the intestine. If we use other, low-quality supplements then we may lose weight in the short-term at the expense of the body, but it will not benefit overall health and it will likely only have temporary positive effects on weight loss. Simply put, most cleanses don’t help fat loss but short-term weight loss. There’s a big difference: losing fat is the goal, but laxative and diuretic cleanses will just mean that you’re removing waste products, rather than burning fat.

Finally, the use of a vitamin and mineral system has huge health benefits across a wide variety of domains. With our nutrition supplements and a healthy water intake, we guarantee that you’ll experience greater anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as improved energy, reduced cancer risk, better quality sleep, improved exercise performance and dozens of other benefits.

Closing remarks

Here at IsaEnergy, we believe that the best approach to a problem with the body is to start at the basics and build from there. This means dietary support should be the cornerstone of a cleanse. We are attempting to re-define the cleanse market with our products, providing a standard that is lightyears ahead of the poor-quality supplements that have given cleanses such a bad reputation. Our cleanses avoid harsh chemicals, whilst supporting intake of vitamins and minerals, as well as plenty of fluids and fiber.

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