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Isagenix Protein

Isagenix products cover a wide variety of biological processes, but our approach to protein is a new take on a popular supplement, with high-quality snacks and shakes that provide large doses of fantastic quality protein. We separate ourselves through quality and quantity: our products don’t only contain a lot of protein, but this protein is undenatured and of the highest quality, meaning that it has the best absorption and your body can put it to the best use!

Why do you need more protein in your diet?

High-protein diets have been repeatedly shown to improve the effectiveness of almost all diets’ from fat loss to building muscle, and athletic performance to general health and wellbeing. Protein is one of the three “macronutrients”, the most important nutrients that give our body energy and keep us functioning.

Protein is the building block of most tissues in the body, with positive effects on fat loss, muscle building, increased strength, health and wellbeing, and countless other bodily processes. This means that you need enough protein to recover, whether you’re recovering from work and life, or the toughest workout of your life!

By getting more protein into your diet, you’ll also avoid eating too much other stuff, this is important because proteins are more filling than digestible carbs or fats so you will be able to eat less and feel fuller. This is because proteins absorb slowly, regulating blood sugar levels and keeping the metabolism healthy.

What is undenatured protein?

In most protein supplements, protein is processed and loses its natural form, making it less easily absorbed in the body and reducing the effectiveness of the product. We believe that providing products like this is unfair to our customers, so we focus on providing undenatured proteins: these are proteins that have been less processed, keeping their original form.

If we damage either the enzymes or proteins in our protein supplements, whether they’re shakes or snacks, we may as well just eat a chocolate bar or milkshake: protein that your body can’t absorb isn’t going to be any use!

Complete amino acids

Both our whey-based and vegan protein powders contain complete amino acid profiles. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and other awesome compounds in the body, with some important roles to play by themselves. When we look at a number of protein powders on the market (especially those aimed at plant-based customers), they are incomplete in their amino profile in an attempt to save a buck and make more money.

With a blend of rice and pea protein in our vegan products and high-quality, undenatured whey proteins in our regular products, all of our protein supplements and meal replacements contain complete amino support to make sure that you get the best weight loss and health improvements.

Low-fat, low-carb protein sources

Our protein powders, snacks and meal replacements come from either high-quality whey isolate or a blend of plant proteins, so we can provide a fantastic protein supplement with much less fat or carbs than lower-quality supplement brands. We believe that a protein product should contain protein and very little else: adding large amounts of sugar to your health product defeats the point!

Rounding up

Getting high-quality protein into your diet is an essential part of achieving your nutritional needs and goals. We suggest using the best undenatured proteins you can find: wild salmon, free range eggs and Isagenix protein shakes and snacks!

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