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What is the IsaBody Challenge? How & Why

Isagenix is a company that?s dedicated to helping their customers find success, and you?ll see that exemplified through the great selection of products, inspiring stories of success, and the fact that they?re always working to improve their products to help you and others like you attain the health and fitness goals you?ve set for yourself.

In the spirit of celebrating success and sharing inspiration with clients as well as distributors, The IsaBody Challenge is a fun, exciting challenge that encourages all Isagenix users to work towards their fitness goals and never stop achieving.

Through this challenge, you?re eligible to win $1000’s worth of cash and prizes.

And, best of all, even if you?re not one of the lucky winners, you still get a $200 Isagenix voucher for FREE, just for sharing and working the challenge!

How Does the Isabody Challenge Work?

The IsaBody Challenge is 16 weeks long, and it?s called a ?challenge? for a reason ? it?s meant to help both Isagenix Associates and Preferred Customers reach tough fitness goals. The competition is ongoing, so you can choose to join at any time. When you?re ready to get started, just get in contact to join the current challenge.

The Isagenix IsaBody Competition is centered on you ? your goals, your struggles, and your successes. Like most weight loss goals, you simply start by taking a ?before? photo so that you can document your physical progress. (At the end, you will also take photos for your ?after? photo.)

You will also need to take measurements for accuracy purposes and to chart your results.

If you?re losing weight, you?re probably doing some of this already. Why not sign up for the chance to win 10,000AUD while you?re at it? The competition is a lot of fun, and you may even find it to be profitable!

The Isagenix Body Challenge: Get started today!

If you?re interested in joining the challenge, you?ll have to be prepared to be disciplined and to try to push yourself like never before. It will require you to push your limits mentally, emotionally, and physically.

A few requirements:

  • Clear and current ?before? and ?after? photos. Take more than one if you want, but you can only submit one of each at the end of the challenge.
  • Measurements of your waist, chest, biceps, etc.
  • Use at least 500BV of Isagenix while you?re participating in the challenge.
  • Once you?ve finished the challenge, you will write a 250-500 words essay and provide your ?before? and ?after? photos.
  • Isagenix is looking for stories that inspire and make people feel good. So when you?re writing, don?t downplay your success!

Download the IsaBody Challenge PDF guide or get started today.

Isagenix Challenge Categories & Rewards

There is more than one reward available during the competition, and there are several categories to compete in.

Choose one of the 4 categories that fit you best:


Weight Loss?
Stories of both weight loss and inspiration. What have you triumphed over to meet your goals?


Energy & Performance
Are you trying to beat your best time on the racetrack or in a marathon? Or are you overcoming another performance challenge with the help of Isagenix products?


Healthy Ageing?
Isagenix loves to help mature adults reach their weight loss goals or simply rediscover their vigor for fitness. How have the products helped you achieve a new direction in life? How are they helping you feel young? Tell your story!


Healthy Ageing?
This is for people who have tried the competition before, and anyone is welcome to come back to this category again and again! Reload stories help people show off their continued success and fitness, and of course there are rewards available.

?What are the Prizes for the Isabody Challenge?

Grand Prize :
10,000AUD, with an expenses-paid trip to National IsagenixCelebration and Judging Event in the US.

Challenge Round Finalists:
$3,000 AUD, with an expenses-paid trip to National Isagenix Celebration and Judging Event in the US.

Honourable Mentions:
$500 worth of Isagenix products,,via a voucher. That?s a lot of free product!

a FREE voucher for $200 of Isagenix products just for finishing the competition.

There?s never been a better time to save some money ? and maybe win some money, while working toward your weight loss or fitness goals.

Want to learn more about the challenge? Get in touch and we?ll help you get started.

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