Isagenix While Pregnant Or Breast Feeding – Is It Safe?

Can You Safely Use Isagenix Products while Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

You can use Isagenix while pregnant or breastfeeding, but not the way you normally work your program. While several Isagenix products offered by Isagenix are safe for use whilst pregnant and breastfeeding, using any Isagenix Cleanse is a big “NO” while pregnant.

You see, when you’re pregnant your body requires more calories or nutrients than ever before. Some of the dietary standards recommended by Isagenix can actually help you with your nutritional needs while you?re pregnant. But restricting calories would restrict energy required to grow your healthy child.

Pregnancy-Safe Isagenix Products

It’s always important to talk with your doctor about any nutritional changes you plan on making.

The following are considered to be pregnancy and breastfeeding-friendly products, due to their added nutrients, high fat and protein. Some foods can help you with nutritional needs during your pregnancy. For example, the Fibre Snacks can help with pregnancy and post-pregnancy constipation.

Don’t use anything to replace an entire meal while you’re pregnant. Regardless of your weight loss goals, you are eating for two now. These products are consumed as part of a healthy diet and to help increase your calorie, and nutritional intake.

Vitamins, Minerals and Prenatal Care

When you’re doing prenatal care, your doctor will probably have you supplement a variety of minerals and vitamins. A typical prenatal regimen includes folic acid, vitamin D, calcium, vitamin C, and more. Sometimes the stores will sell these in a single vitamin.

Vitamins for prenatal care are perfectly safe to use while pregnant and using Isagenix. Do not use vitamins while you are breastfeeding, instead, check with your doctor.

As mentioned before, DO NOT take any Cleanse products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Your body needs far more nutrients than the diet portion of these products can deliver you. Several of the weight loss tools that Isagenix sells should be avoided during and immediately after pregnancy, until after your baby is weaned.

Avoid the following products while pregnant: Ionix Supreme, Cleanse for Life, Natural Accelerator, IsaFlush, IsaGenesis Product B, Greens.

Getting the Weight Back Off

You can use all of the Isagenix product lines once your child has stopped breastfeeding. Many new mothers are able to get their pregnancy weight off using Isagenix products.

After you’ve had your baby, you’ll need to see the doctor to attend to your own health. It’s a good idea to have this exam prior to resuming any health and eating regimen. Once you’ve been given the “all clear”, then it’s safe for you to begin. The Isagenix 30 Day Weight Loss System may be worth a look to get back to your health and fitness goals quickly after you’ve been pregnant.

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