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Dairy free weight loss shake

Here at HealthToWealth, we believe that it is crucial that everyone can enjoy our products and chase their fitness goals with or without animal products. Our range covers weight loss shakes in various flavours, available to suit all dietary needs. In this article, we?re going to discuss why we love our dairy-free weight loss shakes, mostly IsaLean. There are some benefits that may even persuade you to choose them over whey-based products, whether you?re an omnivore or not.

How is dairy-freeIsaLean different?

Whereas our regular IsaLean products use the highest quality whey ? a milk by-product ? our dairy-free weight loss shakes rely on a blend of rice and pea protein. These are top-quality sources of vegan protein, without any of the concerns that surround soy-based proteins. These contain a complete amino acid profile, making sure that they provide the best possible source of protein for those who don?t consume animal products.

However, the dairy-free version also contains an equivalent amount of protein from these sources, with 24g of protein per shake. This improves the body?s ability to burn fat and increase muscle mass, as well as improving the health and function of both the digestive system and the metabolism. If you?re looking for a top-quality plant protein source, IsaLean dairy free rich chocolate or IsaLean dairy free Vanilla Chai are the solution.

What are the perks of plant proteins?

Special dietary requirements

The use of plant protein is a great way to remove animal products from the diet, making it appropriate for vegans, the lactose intolerant and those who observe a Kosher lifestyle. This means less farming, less land usage and a kosher, vegan weight loss shake that everyone can enjoy.

The removal of dairy also means that it is appropriate for those who are lactose intolerant or have allergies to dairy. This is part of a larger commitment to making allergen-free and accessible products, with some of our shakes containing no common allergens.

Dietary fiber

Our plant-based weight loss shakes are also even higher in fiber than the original flavours. Fibers are usually found in the non-digestible parts of plant foods and slow down the digestion of sugars and other foods in the body. With as many as 12g per shake, our dairy-free IsaLean shakes will challenge any shake on the market for fiber content and health benefits.

Fiber improves a wide variety of health markers: cardiovascular health, blood cholesterol, digestive health, weight loss and the proper absorption of nutrients. By adding more fiber to our shakes ? and our dairy-free in particular ? these shakes offer the best vegan and Kosher nutrition on the market.

isagenix dairy free

Closing remarks

We understand that the supplement industry is not usually considerate of different dietary needs ? we designed our dairy-free product line in order to combat this problem and provide an inclusive, accessible approach to losing weight and transforming the body. With a variety of delicious flavours and a comprehensive nutrient profile, our dairy free shakes are satisfying and nutritious, giving you the tools to accelerate weight loss whilst staying full and having more energy.

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