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Isagenix introduces IsaLean? Shake, a new nutritious shake filled with energy-fuelling carbohydrates, quality protein and other fibres your body needs for a long and healthy life. Using this product helps support your weight management, improve lean muscle growth and best of all it’s completely dairy-free in two fantastic flavors.

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Isagenix IsaLean dairy-free shakes

Whilst our IsaLean shakes are a fantastic meal replacement, offering complete nutritional support, they are derived from whey proteins and are thus inappropriate for those who are vegan or lactose intolerant, or simply those who want to reduce their dairy consumption.

What is it?

The IsaLean dairy free shakes are the same IsaLean meal replacements that we?re all familiar with, with the same great taste and health benefits, but without any of the animal products such as dairy. This means that they are totally appropriate for those with different dietary needs ? whether you have sworn off animal products, are lactose intolerant or just consume too much dairy. This product covers your health and wellness, in vanilla chai and rich chocolate flavours to suit those who are chocolate lovers, or those who prefer the gentler and more delicate flavours of an aromatic vanilla.

How does it work?

IsaLean?s dairy-free shakes provide just as much protein as their dairy counterpart with a mixture of rice and pea proteins to provide a complete amino acid profile, making sure that your body has all the nutrients that it needs to build muscle and keep itself healthy. This increased protein intake means better weight loss, faster and greater muscle growth, improved metabolic speed/health and a more filling and satisfying shake.

The dairy-free version also contains a huge 8g of fiber, which makes it a great choice for digestive health as well as muscle and fat changes. Fiber slows the absorption of sugars and keeps the guts healthy, making them more able to process nutrients and avoiding issues like constipation and various intestine infections! Fiber is the superfood ingredient, with a huge variety of benefits to the body ? our dairy-free shake gives you a huge dose to keep you full, healthy and ready to perform at your best!

Who can benefit from this product?

This product is aimed at those who are looking to kickstart their weight loss and replace a meal with a shake, to improve short-term weight loss, but avoid the hunger pangs that many lower-quality replacement shakes might not deal with. The dairy-free IsaLean shake has no animal products, but does not compromise on nutrition or the ability to combat hunger ? this product is truly the best of both worlds.

Both of the flavours have different ingredients, with different allergen contents, we suggest taking a look at our comprehensive allergen list?to make sure that these products are suitable for your dietary needs.

Key benefits and effects

  • Totally free from animal products (including dairy)
  • Comes in two fantastic flavours
  • Gives those on a plant-based diet a great source of protein
  • Huge fiber content keeps us full, combats diabetes and assists in digestive health

Closing remarks

Whether you consume dairy or not ? whether it ?agrees? with you or not ? this product is a fantastic choice. Even omnivores can appreciate the fantastic taste and health benefits associated with this product ? it may have no dairy, but it has fantastic flavours, protein and fiber to keep you at your best whatever your goals and whatever your dietary needs.

How To Purchase Isagenix IsaLean Dairy Free Shakes.

There are a few seperate ways to order isagenix depending on your requirements.

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This option lets you get the lowest wholesale price Isagenix offers at 25% off retail value while having your products shipped to you automatically each month. You also gain the ability to make money from the Isagenix compensation plan. Although this option cost more initially, as you reorder you save!

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You still save 25% on retail prices with this option, but your products wont be sent out each month unless you make another order. You also pay a higher sign up fee and do not have the ability to start collecting points for the Isagenix compensation plan.

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Money Back

Isagenix is all about quality, integrity and honesty. If your not 100% satisfied by your products you can claim a full money back guarantee of the purchase price within the first 30 days. To do this, contact Isagenix directly.

Require assistance?

Get in touch with us through Social Media, call us or email us and we will help you through the buying process and make sure you get the products that help you bring the results your chasing.

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