3 Benefits Of Having Protein Shakes

Imagine a situation in which you are struggling to lose weight. You are bordering on obesity and you know that you need to shed off some kilograms. You hit the gym, increase the amount of time you spend jogging every morning and start on a strict diet. Three months later, you look at yourself in the mirror, you are disappointed. All that struggle, the muscles cramps, the hunger pangs, yet here you are looking as big as you were when you started. The weighing machine tells you the same story! Distressing, isn’t it? Well, we have a solution for you, the Isalean Dairy- Free Protein Shakes!

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you have probably heard about protein supplements, and wondered what these are? What benefits do they have for your body? How do they work, particularly, how do they aid in weight loss?

Why take protein supplements?

There are various types of proteins including casein, whey and soy. Protein shakes are mostly made of whey which is water soluble. Research has been carried out to establish whether these famous shakes and especially dairy-free protein shakes are indeed beneficial. The results are as follows

Muscle gain.

Research carried out by Rice University, in Houston, showed that taking whey protein regularly increases a person’s muscle mass. According to this research, protein supplements actually enable one to gain lean muscles. Protein supplements also help the body retain muscle mass. Whey protein is particularly important for people who do not work out often.

Weight loss.

When most people think about losing weight, they think instantly about starting on a reduced-calorie diet. Over time, these have been proven to be effective, however, slow. The benefits of protein supplements in weight loss are diverse. First of all, whey protein is more satiating than most components of food including carbohydrates. Taking dairy- free protein shakes guarantee you a comfortable day without hunger pangs, commonly associated with low carb diets. Protein supplements make dieting bearable even for newbies. Secondly, protein supplements increase metabolism, which leads to fat loss. Whey protein is particularly useful since while you lose body fat, you maintain your muscle mass.

Health benefits

Dairy- Free Protein Shakes have numerous health benefits. To begin with, they lower the body?s cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is one of the fats found in a human body, consumed through food, which has dire effects on the health of individuals. This type of body fat has been associated with heart diseases, blood pressure diseases and cardiovascular diseases. The diseases associated with high levels of cholesterol are one of the highest leading causes of death in the world currently. Secondly, whey protein has been proven to improve the immune response especially in children suffering from asthma by reducing their vulnerability to asthma attacks.

It is clear then, Dairy- Free Protein shakes are a gem. Whether intending to lose weight or just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, ensure to try the Isalean Shake Dairy-Free.

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