Whey Thins

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Isagenix introduces Whey Thins?, protein-packed snacks with a 418kJ of energy per serving bag. They are made from white cheddar and contain 10g high-quality protein per serve.

You can take them anywhere you go and eat them without the worry of ruining your weight loss program. They are thoughtfully made to improve your diet goals while satisfying your taste buds.

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Isagenix Whey Thins

What is it?

Whey thins are healthy snacks, but unlike many of our other products they do not aim to sate sugar cravings, but rather those aimed at salty, fatty foods. The craving for a salty snack is very common, but excessive salt intake is bad for the heart and can lead to water retention, making us look puffy and ?soft?. Whey thins address this problem by providing a number of savoury flavours with a satisfying, crunchy texture and a great nutritional profile to make sure that we can indulge ourselves without spoiling our diets.

How does it work?

Whey thins have been a big attraction recently, with a massive 10g of undenatured protein they provide a unique approach to healthy snacks. With a combination of protein and healthy carbs, as well as a low calorie content, this product provides a fantastic alternative to savoury snacks like crackers, crisps and salty ?nibbles?.

With a high protein content, whey thins assist in the burning of fat and the development of more, and stronger, muscle mass. Alongside the superficial benefits, this protein intake slows the absorption of sugar and sugar-analogues into? the bloodstream, keeping us at a consistent energy level throughout the day, as well as reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes associated with excessive bodyweight and other, less-healthy snacks.

Who can this product benefit?

Whilst healthy snacks are good for everyone, there are two major categories of people that can make the most of this product. Firstly, those who are carrying too much bodyfat and want to diet down ? this product will provide an alternative to the kinds of poor dietary choices that tend to result in these problems. By replacing junk food with healthy, delicious snacks, we can improve health and make dieting easier.

Secondly, this product is useful for athletes who need to refuel rapidly after training ? with a mixture of high quality carbs and proteins, this product is a great savoury food for recovery and muscle building, as well as reducing muscle soreness between training sessions!

Key benefits and effects

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Keeps blood sugar constant with good carbs and high-quality proteins
  • Great refuelling food for post-workout
  • Satisfies salty/savoury cravings without the negative health effects

Closing remarks

Whey thins are a fantastic healthy snack alternative for those who don?t have as much of a sweet tooth, but struggle to ignore the siren call of a packet of crisps. We all know that savoury foods are lower in sugar, but they can still be bad for us ? having a healthier alternative can help everyone, from elite athletes to the average joe who wants to look and feel better.

Servings per Package: 10 Serving Size: 1 Packet (25 g)

Servings per Package: 10 Serving Size: 1 Packet (25 g)

NutrionAve. Quantity
per Serving
Ave. Quantity
per 100 g
Energy418 kJ (100 Cal)1670 kJ (400 Cal)
Protein10 g40 g
Fat, total3 g12 g
- Saturated1 g4 g
Carbohydrate9 g36 g
- Sugars1 g4 g
Dietary fibre0 g0 g
Sodium210 mg840 mg


Whey protein concentrate (undenatured) (46%), brown rice flour, sunflower oil, salt, whey powder, maltodextrin, natural flavours, yeast extract, bulking agent (170), whole milk powder, cheddar cheese, anticaking agent (551), safflower oil, onion powder, sweet cream solids, garlic powder Contains milk ingredients.

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