Isagenix Kosher Shake

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Kosher IsaLean? Shake Natural Creamy Vanilla is a very delicious shake that will help and accelerate your fat-burning process.

  • It is a perfect combination of 23g of premium high-class protein with 23 vitamins and minerals.
  • The shake contains protein, good fats and carbohydrates that help better your body’s energy.
  • It aids the consumers digestion and improve their life’s health.

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IsaLean Shake

What is it?

Not all of our products are Kosher, so when we got the opportunity to provide a fantastic Kosher alternative, we really took it to heart and did our best. This product is a Kosher take on the traditional protein shake, with a fantastic, rich, creamy vanilla taste that is sure to impress. This product delivers a fantastic boost of protein to your diet, improving your ability to burn fat, build muscle and regulate the metabolism whilst promoting health and combating common health concerns.

How does it work?

With a focus on proper observance of ritual and the management of product by a Schochet, this product complies with Kosher regulations to provide an accessible and health-promoting meal replacement for those who observe a Kosher diet, but want to focus on improving their health, physique and sports/exercise performance.

Protein is a fundamental nutrient in the body ? one of the 3 macro nutrients (along with fats and carbohydrates) and perhaps the most important. Dietary protein has been scientifically-proven to increase metabolism, improve fat loss, muscle growth, blood sugar regulation and keep our tissues healthy. The vitamins and minerals in this product also contribute to organ health and fight chronic diseases such as cancer and the dangers of aging.

Key benefits and effects

  • Increases the ability to build muscle and repair the body between hard workouts
  • 8g of fibre per shake means better digestive and metabolic health
  • Protein and fibre both contribute to reducing the symptoms and risks associated with Type-2 diabetes
  • Contains whey from ritually-prepared animals to ensure Kosher regulations are observed

Natural Creamy Vanilla Flavour

Vanilla is often associated with being plain, but this product could not be further from plain! The delicate and low-sugar content make it a fantastic, delicious solution for those who are trying to increase the nutritional value of their meals and improve their fat loss.

This product contains some common allergens, such as milk and soy-derived lecithin’s, but is totally appropriate for Kosher and vegetarian consumption.

Closing remarks

If you’re observing a Kosher diet and lifestyle, we understand that the market does not provide a great deal of choice or alternative. However, this product presents a fantastic protein shake and meal replacement, with a huge fibre and protein content, as well as total nutritional support in the way of vitamins and minerals. This will improve the appearance and health of the body, without any of the negative ethical or health-harming ingredients.

IsaLean Shake Kosher ? Natural Creamy Vanilla

Servings per Package: 14
Serving Size: 2 Scoops (61 g)

NutritionPer Serving (61 g)Per 100 g
Energy1046 kJ (250 Cal)1715 kJ (410 Cal)
Protein23 g38 g
Fat, total6 g10 g
- Saturated1 g1.5 g
Carbohydrate25 g41 g
- Sugars16 g26 g
Dietary Fibre, Total6 g10 g
- Insoluble1.1 g1.8 g
- Soluble4.9 g8 g
Sodium125 mg210 mg
Potassium260 mg430 mg
Vitamin C14 mg23 mg
Vitamin D2.5 mcg4.1 mcg
Mixed Tocopherols3.49 mg5.72 mg
Niacin2.8 mg4.67 mg
Thiamin0.385 mg0.631 mg
Riboflavin0.595 mg0.975 mg
Vitamin B60.63 mg1.03 mg
Vitamin A187.5 mcg307.4 mcg
Folic Acid70 mcg115 mcg
Vitamin B121 mcg1.6 mcg
Biotin4 mcg6.6 mcg
Pantothenic Acid0.65 mg1.07 mg
Calcium200 mg328 mg
Iron3 mg5 mg
Phosphorus348 mg570 mg
Iodine54 mcg88.5 mcg
Magnesium80 mg131 mg
Zinc4.2 mg6.9 mg
Selenium8 mcg13 mcg


Exclusive IsaPro? Complex (53.3%) (whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, milk powder), fructose, sunflower oil, natural flavours, fibersol, soy lecithin, olive oil, flax seed, guar gum, tri calcium phosphate, xanthan gum, cellulose, lemon powder, magnesium oxide, honey powder, alfalfa juice concentrate, lactase, psyllium seed powder, cinnamon, silicon dioxide, mixed tocopherols, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), ferrous lactate, kelp, zinc oxide, wild yam, niacin, riboflavin, selenomethionine, cholecalciferol, betacarotene, pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate, Lactobacillus acidophilus, thiamine hydrochloride, biotin, cyanocobalamin, folic acid Contains milk and soy (lecithin) ingredients.

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