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IsaLean Bar is one of the most tasteful bars available in five flavours, providing you with great nutrition on the go. Boost your energy when you feel the need and maximise the production of your daily tasks.

These low-glycaemic, nutritious bars contain 18 grams of protein supporting weight management and lean muscle maintenance to leave you feeling satisfied.

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Isagenix Isalean Bar

Healthy eating is a difficult process and snacks and cravings can make it even easier to fall off your diet and lose focus. We believe that healthy snacks and alternatives are a great way to stick with your diet, without being too restrictive or only eating boring foods. The Isalean bar is a great option for replacing conventional snacks and chocolate bars, with 18g of easy-digesting protein and 2g of dietary fiber, it tastes great and is a healthy option.

About these meal replacement bars.

The IsaLean bar is a protein and fiber bar, designed to replace traditional unhealthy snacks ? it is made from high-quality carbs, proteins and fats to give you a boost whether you eat it before, during or after training. Consuming high-quality proteins often is a great way to improve recovery, build muscle and keep yourself in great shape ? especially when it is paired with reduced snacking and binging on sugary foods.

IsaLean also has the additional benefits of added antioxidant agents ? aside from just repairing muscles and other tissues, this means that IsaLean will improve health and wellness and combat illness and disease. This mixture of proteins and antioxidants make our bars a fantastic companion to a healthy lifestyle and effective diet.

Who can IsaLean help?

The IsaLean range, and the bar in particular, are a great way to add healthy proteins to your diet through the inclusion of fantastic snacks and light foods. These are great for anyone who is on the go ? if you?re busy at work, struggle to meet your protein needs or are simply looking for a boost to their strength, muscle mass and performance.

Key benefits and effects

  • Aids in muscle recovery, building and strength
  • Fiber improves digestive health and metabolism
  • Delicious, a great replacement to sugary snacks
  • Sates carb cravings

Frequently asked questions

What does it do?

IsaLean is a snack bar that is both delicious and nutritious, containing high-quality, easy-digesting proteins and fibers.

How can this benefit my performance?

More protein means better muscle development and recovery, less hunger, better blood sugar and metabolism, and less chance of storing calories as fat. If you need more protein ? or simply a more convenient and time-saving way to get it into your diet ? this product is a great choice!

Is this product safe and legal?


Isagenix Isalean bars come in a variety of flavours to suit a variety of taste buds. Because of this, some of our Isalean bars contain milk products, gluten and tree nuts. For vegans and lacto-vegetarians we have a dairy free option. For a full breakdown of allergens we have this resource for you.

How/when should I take this product?

This product is super simple to use ? remove the wrapper and give it a chew! You can take this product as many times a day as you need to, especially during carb cravings or to replace less-healthy foods. We still suggest getting as much of your protein as possible from whole foods, but we understand that life is fast and a convenient and tasty protein snack can make it much easier.

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