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Isagenix IsaBlender is a high-quality blender using the finest and a very powerful 250W motor which will make blending easy and deliver to you the delicious healthy shake in no-time.

  • Exceedingly sharp and thoughtfully designed blades made from high-end materials that will deliver a mix of pure perfection with the right density to enjoy.

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Isagenix IsaBlender

With the great variety of Isagenix shakes, from meal replacements to protein shakes and various health powders, the IsaBlender is a fantastic tool to help you get the most out of your product or package. This blender comes with a number of our premium packages to make shakes easier, as well as giving you an unlimited amount of choice on the flavour and nutrition combinations to suit your taste and needs!

What is it?

The IsaBlender is a 4-blade blender that is perfect for blending protein shakes, meal replacements and health powders. It will make short work of fruits, vegetables and other shake ingredients so that you can customise your shakes to fit your needs ? both in terms of fantastic flavours and getting the key nutrients to suit your diet.

How does it work?

With 4 motorised blades, this blender is high-power and able to blend almost anything into a shake or smoothie. Whether you?re looking to make your own perfect protein shake or blend fantastic fruits and vegetables to provide as many health-promoting nutrients as possible in a fantastic healthy smoothie.

With 4 cups and a complete guide to using your IsaBlender, this package provides fantastic, high-quality diet support tools at a much more competitive price than you?re likely to find on the market. With premium packages, IsaBlenders give you the easiest way to blend your products and start experimenting to find your favourites!

Key benefits

  • Multi-blade blending ensures a smooth, consistent finish ? no more lumpy shakes!
  • 4 blending vessels that double as shake cups for quick, easy shakes when you?re on the go
  • Gives you the chance to add and adjust your shake recipes to fit your taste

Closing remarks

Whatever your goals, if you are using shakes or smoothies, the IsaBlender is a fantastic choice for making the best-quality, smoothest shakes available. With a variety of blender vessels, this product gives you all the tools necessary to improve your health and wellbeing, whether you?re relaxing at home or on the go.

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