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Isagenix brings you AMPED BCCA Plus, a high-quality post-workout food supplement that maximises your post-workout muscle recovery.

AMPED BCCA Plus comes in a tasteful raspberry lemonade flavor and delivers a scientifically proven branched-chain amino acids and L-carnitine mix to trigger muscle protein synthesis which help boost the muscle rebuilding process.

Achieve vast results combining it with IsaPRO or IsaLean PRO.

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Isagenix Amped BCAA Plus

AMPED BCCA Plus is a complete intra-workout and post-workout supplement, aimed at accelerating muscular recovery and performance. With a mixture of Branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs), it aids in muscular and improves conditions for recovery and progress. As well as BCAAs, Amped contains high-quality carbohydrates to support recovery and Tyrosine to improve recovery in the brain as well as the body and carotenoids to maintain health and improve absorption.

Overview ? what is it? How does it work?

AMPED BCCA Plus does exactly what you?d expect ? it improves the ability to recover in both the body and brain, promoting athletic performance, health and cognitive ability. It does this by providing branch chain amino acids, which are key in the proper health and function of muscles, as well as improving the conditions for muscular recovery and maximum endurance. Pushing harder and recovering faster is possible with AMPED BCCA Plus.

The combination of ingredients provides support to the muscles and the nervous system, improving endurance, strength, power and performance. BCAAs improve muscular recovery, Tyrosine improves brain chemistry and reduces fatigue whilst Beta-carotene is a fantastic supplement for health and immune system function, making recover a great choice for athletes!

Who can benefit from this product?

Due to the mixture of physical and psychological effects, everyone can benefit from this product in some way. Athletes and those looking to push themselves to maximum performance, day in and day out, will find the most use for this product and see the greatest results. The harder you push yourself, the more you need this product!

Key benefits and effects

  • BCAAs improve muscular endurance and recovery
  • Tyrosine reduces fatigue in the brain and improves mood
  • Beta-carotene improves health, immune function and is a powerful antioxidant

Frequently asked questions

What does it do?

AMPED BCCA Plus improves muscular endurance and recovery, psychological recovery and helps the body combat illness, aging and cancer risks.

How can this benefit my performance?

If you do anything that requires you to try hard, this product will help you recover and come back better than ever. Proper recovery is essential for progress in sport and exercise (ask any professional athlete!), but this product helps both the brain and body, making it appropriate for everyone!

Is this product safe and legal?

This product is totally safe and legal ? all the ingredients are healthy and there are no controlled or controversial substances in this product. In reality, it will improve health!


This product is focused on keeping you safe and healthy whilst you recover, which is why it contains none of the common allergens and is totally suitable for both vegans and lacto-vegetarian athletes! Check out the official Allergens Document for all Isagenix products here.

How/when should I take this product?

BCCA Plus is appropriate for any time during the day, but makes a fantastic addition to pre/intra/post-workout shakes or simply added to water. This is how we can make the best use of the performance-boosting ingredients. The closer to training we consume this product, the more effect we can get.

AMPED? BCCA Plus – Raspberry Lemonade Flavour

Servings per Package: 20
Serving Size: 2 Scoops (13.5 g)

IngredientAve. Quantity
per Serving
Ave. Quantity
per 100 g
Energy188 kJ (45 Cal)1393 kJ (333 Cal)
Protein0 g0 g
Fat, total0 g0 g
- saturated0 g0 g
Carbohydrate7 g52 g
- sugars5 g37 g
Sodium50 mg370 mg
Leucine1,824 mg13,511 mg
Isoleucine872 mg6,459 mg
Valine872 mg6,459
L-Carnitine1,000 mg7,407 mg
Glutamine500 mg3,704 mg
Tyrosine100 mg741 mg
Histidine50 mg370 mg


Branched-chain amino acids 30% (leucine, isoleucine, valine), dextrose, levocarnitine tartrate, natural flavours, evaporated cane juice, fructose, acidity regulators (330, 331), glutamine, rice hull powder, red beet juice powder, tyrosine, histidine, sea salt, natural sweetener (960), betacarotene.

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