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Accessing Peak Performance

Isagenix is an incredibly popular system used by athletes in sports, fitness and competitions around the world. With no steroids or performance-enhancers banned by any leagues or commissions, athletes can feel free to use the products in the way that benefits them most.

Isagenix Can Help Athletes Meet Performance Goals

For athletes, it’s not just about what you eat, it’s also about when you eat. Timing your nutrients can help you achieve success and meet new performance goals during your workouts. Timing is especially important when building muscle or training for a competitive event. In fact, it can help you gain a competitive edge against other athletes.

Athletes Love Isagenix

Most athletes find that IsaLean Pro Shakes are an ideal source of fuel post-workout to help build muscle. Packing in a whopping 35 grams of protein, the shakes can help the body revitalise and heal sore muscles, and the whey protein is highly digestible? more so than many other sources of protein.

Here’s how it works: Whey’s amino acids act quickly when ingested, travelling to the muscles to begin the growth and recovery process. At the same time, carbohydrates in the IsaLean Pro shake help to stimulate insulin alongside the protein. This helps your body store simple sugars in the form of glycogen, great for fuelling energy during a weight training session or other muscle-building activity.

Bodybuilders should look to consume around 30-40 grams of protein within 30 minutes of finishing a workout. We created this page to show how Isagenix is perfect for Bodybuilders.

Isagenix Can Help Athletes Meet Performance Goals

Athletes from all over the world choose Isagenix to improve their performance, build muscle and increase their energy. Here is a list of just a few Australian sports and fitness professionals that have used Isagenix to stay healthy and fit:

  • Brent Livermore: He has played over 300 matches for the Australian hockey team, and has scored 30 international goals. He plays for the NSW Waratahs in the Australian Hockey League. Brent has played hockey in Australia since 1997. He has played at 2 Olympic Games.
  • Alan Chesney: A New Zealand field hockey player, he won a gold medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. This team is the only NZ Men’s Hockey team to win Gold in at the Olympic games.
  • Charles Dorron: Charles is a sailor, a trainer, a surfer and a tri-athlete who spends his life testing his limits and sharing his adventures.
  • Colin Scotts: Colin Scotts was the first Australian to receive an American football scholarship from the US and later be drafted to play in the NFL. Growing up, he played rugby in school, including for the rugby union at Scotts College, where the athlete was later “discovered” by an American football scout.
  • Jana Pittman: a two-time world champion in the 400 m hurdles, from 2003 and 2007, Jana was also the first female athlete to compete in the Summer as well as the Winter Olympics. She specialises in the 400-metre run and 400-metre hurdles events.
  • Janelle Ware: A personal trainer, mom, and lifelong fitness expert, Janelle became the Australian Age Group Champion for the Olympic Distance and competed in the world titles. After this, she went on to compete in longer distance races and the half Ironman.?
  • Julie McDonald: A former long-distance freestyle swimmer of the 1980s and 1990s, Julie won a bronze medal in the 800-metre freestyle, swimming at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. A true professional athlete, she has competed in two Olympic Games and two Commonwealth Games.
  • Kerri Pottharst: Kerrie is a professional beach volleyball player and Olympic gold medalist who played on behalf of Australia for 20 years. She has won two Olympic medals.
  • Matthew Ferguson: Matthew played for the Australian football league after he was drafted to the St Kilda Football Club in 2002. He played with the team for six years.
  • Melissa Barbieri: Melissa, former captain of the Australian Women’s Football Team, the Matildas, played for Tooruna in 2016. She has played football for Australia’s national team since 2002.
  • Michael McKenzie: Michael, a former long-distance freestyle swimmer and lifelong athlete represented Australia at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Natalie Cook: An Australian professional beach volleyball player and Olympic gold medalist, Ms Cook is the first Australian woman to compete at five Olympic Games Natalie is considered one-half of Australia’s greatest beach volleyball.
  • Shelley Gorman: Shelley is a 3-time Olympian who played basketball for the Canberra Capitals, which claimed a bronze medal in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympics.

As you can see, a lot of great athletes trust Isagenix products to help them maintain their health and fitness. Isagenix’s shakes cleanses and other nutritional products can really help athletes meet their goals.

Isagenix shakes work by providing optimum, high-protein nutrition to your muscles. You can learn more about the entire product line here. All products are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee for first-time users.

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