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Why Isagenix is great for diabetics

Those who are suffering from Type-2 diabetes will feel massive benefits from investing in their own health with Isagenix. Type-2 diabetes is very often a lifestyle-based illness and Isagenix offers an easy and effective way to adjust that lifestyle to reduce symptoms and begin the journey towards normal metabolic and digestive function. This article will briefly cover some of the main ways in which Isagenix can help you take back control of your metabolism and blood sugar.

Calorie control and diabetes

Whilst many people are averse to counting calorie, for those suffering with Type-2 diabetes there are serious benefits to calorie reduction. One of the most important things to remember is that the foods you eat will break down into glucose in your body, meaning that more food means a higher blood sugar and the obvious risk of negatively affecting health throughout the day.

Isagenix provides an easy and thoughtless method of improving your calorie intake and keeping your blood sugar more consistent, without starving yourself or suffering bland, unpleasant foods. This is going to mean reduced bodyweight and glycaemic load overall, combatting the main symptoms of diabetes and returning to a healthier overall system.

Less sugar, more health

Isagenix products also aim to be lower in dietary sugar than many conventional meals or snack foods ? with a focus on health and wellbeing at the core of our manufacturing philosophy, we aim to provide low-sugar alternatives. Even our delicious snacks are far lower in sugar (especially compared to other nutrients) than traditional foods. If you struggle with the amount of sugar in your diet, and its effects on both blood sugar and insulin resistance, then Isagenix can give you an easier route to reducing dietary sugars.

High protein, highly-effective

Many of our main products aim at providing a higher protein content than a number of other health brands, meaning a much slower digestive process and more feelings of satisfaction. Protein slows down the digestion of all foods in the gut, keeping it healthy and reducing the overall GI of the foods that we eat. IsaLean (and PRO) meal replacement shakes are a great example of this: they are complete meals with lots of protein and very little sugar, making them a fantastic opportunity to regulate your blood sugar at any point in the day, as well as contributing to fat loss and proper metabolic health.

Fiber: the real superfood for diabetics

We keep referring to fiber as the most important or real superfood and this is even more true for those suffering from Type-2 diabetes. Whilst we all need fiber for digestive health, the diabetic needs fiber even more to ensure that sugars and other high-GI carbs are absorbed more slowly, making a whole meal or daily diet far more healthy. Consuming enough fiber is essential to slowing down digestion of unhealthy foods, reducing the amount we absorb overall and keeping our metabolism, digestion and heart in the best possible shape.

IsaLean PRO is a great example of the effects of dietary fiber in Isagenix products, with 8g of dietary fiber (around 30% of your daily intake) in a shake! This means less symptoms, less hunger and a much-needed step in the direction of regular metabolic health!

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