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Shake and Cleanse Pack

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Shake and Cleanse Pack? is there to support your healthy weight loss and overall health using the best possible solution.

  • It will greatly increase your body’s energy providing it with a constant weight-loss and satisfy the need for unhealthy foods.
  • The whole pack contains plant-based high-class protein meaning it is a completely dairy-free solution, improving your diet and maximising your experience.

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Isagenix Shake and Cleanse Pack

This pack serves as an intro to cleanse protocols and meal replacement shakes ? this will assist in short-term weight loss and kickstart your weight loss and provide the support you need to keep healthy whilst losing large amounts of weight. This package aids in digestive regularity, whilst supporting the body?s natural detoxification processes and improving organ and cell health.

Overview ? what is it? How does it work?

This is our introductory package for shakes and cleanses, providing a middle-range option for those who are curious about beginning their weight loss journey, but want to begin with all the necessities. This pack contains high-protein diet shakes, metabolism and digestion support and health-promoting vitamin and mineral supplements. The focus of all these products is on cleansing the body and replacing high-calorie meals with low-calorie, healthy shakes to boost weight loss right away.

Who can benefit from this product?

This product is for anyone who is at the beginning of their weight loss journey, or anyone that has hit a plateau and is frustrated by stubborn fat. If you feel bloated, constipated, sluggish or just need a clean slate for your diet and fitness transformation, this product can help. It will make dieting quick and easy.

Key benefits and effects

  • IsaLean protein-rich meal-replacement shakes provide slow-releasing energy, aid in fat loss and building muscle
  • Cleanse for life provides gentle digestive support, whilst fostering good gut bacteria to improve weight loss and reduce cravings
  • Isagenix shaker is a high-quality, easy-clean shaker for mixing shakes and making protein easy

Frequently asked questions

What does it do?

This pack provides all the products necessary for a dietary and digestive reset ? large quantities of both isalean and cleanse for life, providing total digestive support. These products can reduce bloating, constipation and stomach pains, whilst improving the bacteria in our gut to improve nutrient absorption and reduce cravings.

How can this benefit my performance?

Improving gut health is a great way to begin the weight loss journey ? the environment in our intestines plays a huge role in the regulation of nutrient absorption, which plays a huge part in cravings and weight loss. Recent science suggests that this will actually reduce the appeal of junk food and other cravings, meaning that it will make long-term weight loss and dieting much easier.

Is this product safe and legal?

This product is absolutely safe and legal when used properly ? don?t replace all meals with shakes, and don?t consume more of the cleanse for life than recommended dosage. However, this product is totally healthy and does not contain controlled or controversial substances.


The shake and cleanse pack contains a whey shake (dairy), of which different flavours have different allergens. Please consult our allergen checklist if you need further information (https://isaenergy.com.au/wp-content/uploads/isagenix-allergen-table-Australia-nz.pdf).

How/when should I take this product?

Each product has different use and regularity guidelines ? read the individual instructions of the product and respect both the dosages and consumption methods for the best possible results.

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Still not sure?

You can get help by calling the HealthToWealth team on 0404 527 273 or sending us an email at info@healthtowealth.com.au.

Guarantees and Returns

Isagenix offer a full 30 days money back guarantee on your first order. If you’re not entirely satisfied with our product, send it back for a refund!

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