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Performance Premium Pack is a carefully combined set of Isagenix products that complement your training and improve your results. It includes top quality protein as well as natural caffeine that activates your muscles and betters the muscle growth allowing you to experience your full potential. It’s designed for every individual, so as long as you’re active this is a choice for you to take.

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Isagenix Performance Premium Pack

This package is for those who want all the go, as well as the show. The performance pack exists as a way for us to offer improved sports and exercise performance supplements in one comprehensive product. These products focus on preparedness, recovery and staying in the best possible shape so that you can push yourself to the greatest feats of physical prowess when it really counts.

Overview ? what is it? How does it work?

This is our ultimate performance package and we recommend it to those who want to turn up and dominate the competition ? whether this is another team or your own personal bests. This pack contains high-protein diet shakes, bars and snacks, natural metabolism and digestion support, various snacks and health-promoting vitamin and mineral supplements, cleanse products, a blender and various other supplements. The focus of all these products is on preparing the body to go to maximum again and again, whenever you need it.

This is a complete package: we believe that this covers all the dietary needs of the athlete and provides all the raw materials for athletic success. This focuses not only on the needs of the muscles, but also of the metabolism, digestion and the nervous system.

Who can benefit from this product?

This product is for those who want fast and comprehensive results ? it is aimed at improving every metric of progress and development. This pack can contribute to your success and progress in sports ? whether you?re a committed athlete looking for new ways to improve your performance, or someone who is totally new to sports nutrition and needs a wide variety of products to cover every area of your performance.

Key benefits and effects

  • IsaPro protein shakes aid in weight loss, muscle quality and recovery
  • Snacks replace sugary junk foods and fight carb cravings
  • Various vitamin and mineral supplements improve health and performance from the muscles to bioenergetics and cognitive performance
  • Ionix supreme and relenish aid in cell health and keep the body and brain nourished
  • AMPED products improve recovery, power output and focus
  • Blender and Isagenix membership make transforming the body and improving performance easier

Frequently asked questions

What does the Isagenix Performance Premium Pack contain?

We have a full list of all the products within the Performance Premium Pack below under the Nutritional Information tab.

What does it do?

This pack provides total dietary support for performance and recovery, including 13 fantastic Isagenix products that will improve your body?s ability to utilise food and nutrients, build muscle and accelerate your athletic progress.

How can this benefit my performance?

This pack contains so many fantastic products that its hard to know where to begin ? from nutritional support to improved muscle mass, strength and size, sports performance, cognitive function, fighting junk food cravings and many other benefits. The question is what area of athletic performance wont this pack help?

Is this product safe and legal?


This pack contains a wide range of supplements and each of these contains its own allergens, so we strongly recommend checking these items against our comprehensive allergen checklist and consulting your healthcare professional if you are unsure before starting use.

How/when should I take this product?

Each product has different use and regularity guidelines ? but the premium pack will give you total support throughout the day. You will be using the products often to get the best effects ? fuelling the body throughout the day is the best way to keep it healthy, fuel recovery and ensure that we are giving ourselves every opportunity to improve and prepare for the next training session!

This Pack Contains

QuantityProduct Name
1Ionix Supreme
1Replenish™/AMPED™ Hydrate
4Isalean PRO
1Cleanse for Life
1Performance System Guide
1Snacks!™ - Chewables Chocolate 60 chew-able wafers (30 servings)
1IsaBlender™ Blending Vessels
1IsaPro™ Whey Protein - Vanilla Flavour - canister - 30 servings
1e+ Shot - Raspberry Flavour - 6 x 60 mL bottles
1AMPED™ Power - Berry Flavour - canister - 20 servings
1AMPED™ Recover - Raspberry Lemonade Flavour – canister - 20 servings
1AMPED™ NOx - Garden Blend Flavour - 6ct
1$50 Event Voucher

How To Purchase Isagenix Performance Premium Pack

Ordering Isagenix Performance Premium Pack could not be easier. Here are 4 different options for you to choose from, depending on your buying preferences.

Preferred Customer on Autoship: ($600.60 + $25 Sign up fee)

Wholesale Pricing!

For a small $25 annual fee, you?ll save 25% over retail price on all future purchases. Purchasing the Isagenix Performance Premium Pack at its lowest rate requires you to sign up for Autoship. However, Autoship enables you to collect points you can use at any time later. You?re also given special access to make money through the Isagenix Compensation Plan. Cancel Autoship anytime you wish if you are unhappy.

Preferred Customer without Autoship ($635.44 + $50 sign up fee)

This option is more expensive than Autoship. You will pay a higher annual fee and a slightly higher rate. However, you can still receive a slight discount off purchases. Ineligible for Isagenix Compensation Plan.

Sign up as a Customer: ($762.53)

Recommended for you if you don?t want to receive the benefits of being a Preferred Customer. More expensive than previous options. Not able to make money from the Isagenix Compensation Plan. Will receive minimum 10% off full retail price.

Purchase without Signing up: ($847.25)

Most Expensive Option.

Pay full price, without signing up. You are paying for the product and none of the package benefits (such as collecting points, making money with the Compensation Plan, or receiving 10-25% off future purchases).

Here?s how to order:

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