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Kosher Premium Pack

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Kosher Premium Pack is definitely the choice to make if you enjoy the kosher lifestyle. It supports healthy metabolism for sustainable weight loss by building lean muscle. It is very customisable and it comes with an array of flavors and packaging options. Also it is packed with vitamins and minerals that nourish the body and promote better metabolism.

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Isagenix Kosher Premium Pack

For those living a Kosher lifestyle and putting a lot of value in the choice of foods that make up their diet, the supplement market can be a disheartening place to shop. With the Kosher premium pack, Isagenix provides absolutely everything that you could ever need to improve your health and wellness journey. The premium pack lives up to its name, providing 9 key products to provide complete Kosher nutritional support, providing all the tools necessary to accelerate weight loss, build muscle and promote health.

What is it?

The Kosher premium pack is exactly what the title might suggest: a comprehensive approach to nutritional support, without any non-Kosher ingredients or manufacturing processes. With a huge number of products and the benefits of high-protein, high-fiber plant-based shakes, snacks and cleanse products. If you want to take care of your body and make a change, the premium pack is the best place to start, representing one of the best investments in your health and wellbeing for the long-term.

How does it work?

Across the 9 key products that constitute this whole pack, the premium package provides the total support that you might expect from a premium product, with individual supplements aimed at replacing meals, gently cleansing/supporting the digestive tract, improving muscle mass, regulating metabolism and digestion, as well as a blender to improve the ease-of-use and versatility associated with each product.

By providing you with all of these products, we give you the ability to replace some of the worst parts of your diet with beneficial foods and drinks that will fuel your body rather than damage it. The plant-based proteins and fibers slow digestion, providing consistent and slow-releasing energy whilst reducing blood sugar spikes and supporting organ and digestive health. If you?re looking to address some common health problems like hypertension, constipation or obesity, this package can assist in these problems.

Who is this product for?

This product is for individuals who are concerned with both the ethical and nutritional value of their food and produce. For the ethical concerns, we have ensured that all of the ingredients in this premium package are totally kosher ? both in terms of ingredients and manufacturing protocols/procedures. If you?re looking to invest in your health, this is a fantastic choice and provides all the essentials for totally transforming the function, appearance and performance of the body. If you?ve lived a sedentary or unhealthy lifestyle until now, this is an amazing product for making a total change and overhauling your health.

Key benefits and effects

  • Accelerates fat loss
  • Builds more muscle, faster, with greater strength gains
  • Replaces unhealthy snacks and drinks with healthy, high-protein, high-fiber options
  • Supports digestive and metabolic health
  • Blender makes IsaLean shakes easier to mix and gives you unlimited homemade flavour options

Closing remarks

The kosher premium pack is a great choice for making radical changes to your body in a short space of time. We know that health and wellness are a serious concern for everyone, so we put this package together to offer the great benefits of Isagenix products to those who have special dietary needs or have been overlooked by the supplement industry. Whatever your goals, Isagenix knows that diets represent the nutritional and lifestyle needs of each individual: this package is the total Kosher solution to body composition!


This Pack Contains

QuantityProduct Name
2IsaLean® Bar
1IsaBlender™ Blending Vessels
1FibreSnacks!™ - Peanut Chocolate Chew - 12 Snack Bars
1Kosher Pack Guide
1PP Event Gift Certificate - $25
2Snacks!™ - Chewables Chocolate 60 chew-able wafers (30 servings)
2Cleanse for Life™ Liquid - Natural Rich Berry - 946mL Bottle
2SlimCakes™ - Oatmeal Berry - 14 Fiber Cakes
4Kosher IsaLean™ Shake Natural Creamy Vanilla - canister - 14 meals

How To Purchase Isagenix Kosher Premium Pack

Depending on your personal ordering goals, buying your Isagenix Kosher Premium Pack has 4 different options for you to choose from. We want to make ordering as painless as possible. Those options are:

Preferred Customer on Autoship: ($578.60 + $25 Sign up fee)

Lowest Price Guarantee!

Signing up for Autoship gives you Isagenix Kosher Premium Pack at its lowest price (of all the options). Although it requires a minimal $25 fee (paid annually), in return you?re winning 25% off retail prices for all purchases.

You?re also eligible for collecting points you can spend in the future. Being a Preferred Customer on Autoship also lets you make money through the Isagenix Compensation Plan. Feel free to cancel your Autoship subscription at any time if you?re unsatisfied.

Preferred Customer without Autoship ($612.52 + $50 sign up fee)

While you will be able to save over retail prices up to 10%, you will also end up paying higher rates than Autoship and a higher annual fee. You will not be able to use the Isagenix Compensation Plan.

Sign up as a Customer: ($735.02)

This option is for you if you want to sign up as a regular customer. Although it is more expensive. You will receive only 10% off full retail prices. You will not be eligible for the Compensation Plan or be able to collect points.

Purchase without Signing up: ($816.68)

This option is for you if you would like to buy the product at full price. You won?t be able to collect points. Ineligible for the Isagenix Compensation Plan. No discounts or savings rewarded.

How to order this pack:?

  • Choose ?Buy Now? above. You?ll be taken to Isagenix?s official website.
  • Alternatively, choose ?Buy Now? in the top right if you want to order without signing up.
  • Alternatively, choose ?Sign Up and Save? for savings, wholesale prices and Autoship.
  • Now, select the product you want, fill in the quantity, and click ?Add to Cart?
  • Follow the easy Check Out instructions to complete your order

30-Day Money back

Send for a money-back request within 30 days after purchasing if you are unhappy with the product. For any reason or no reason, at any time within 30 days.

Looking for guidance? Questions??

We look forward to helping you through any problems you may have.

Call us on 0404527273 or send an email to info@healthtowealth.com.au

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