Isagenix vs Herbalife
Which Should You Choose?

Isagenix and Herbalife are both supplement brands aimed at providing customers with both short- and long-term solutions to weight loss. There are many similarities between the two, with products in both lines addressing the same problems and offering similar nutritional benefits. This article will discuss the most important products in these ranges, with a focus on comparing Herbalife and Isagenix weight loss shakes 1-to-1, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about your health and body.

You might ask: ?why the weight loss shakes??. The fact is that these are the central product in both lines and are totally essential in their dietary guidelines. This makes them the best and most-informative product to compare to demonstrate the overall effectiveness of these two supplement brands and their weight loss potential.


Isagenix? meal replacement shake is called IsaLean, whereas Herbalife have opted for ?Formula 1? as their meal replacement shake. We?re going to compare these across the most important variables for meal replacement shakes: protein (both quantity and source), fiber content and micronutrients.


IsaLean provides 24g of protein per serving (35g in the PRO version) whereas Formula 1 only provides 18g. This is a 33% advantage for regular IsaLean and almost double in IsaLean PRO ? whilst this product has a slightly higher price point, if you?re investing in your health then this increase in protein is a significant advantage and it seems to us that you get what you pay for.

There is also a concern that Formula 1 provides a mixture of dairy and soy proteins: we all know that dairy proteins are common in the supplement market, but soy proteins have a controversial reputation. Whilst many claim that soy is innocuous, the research suggests that 30-50% of people are likely to convert soy phytoestrogens into oestrogen ? whilst this is a great benefit for women (especially those in menopause), case studies suggest that too much soy protein can negatively effect men. This is dubious for Herbalife to include in their products, since so many men consume these protein shakes.


One of the main selling points of IsaLean is the fiber content, which is one where area where Formula 1 sadly falls short. IsaLean shakes contain up to 12g of dietary fiber, whereas a typical serving of Formula 1 provides only 3g. Dietary fiber is crucial for meal replacements as it provides satiety and replacing 2 meals a day with replacement shakes makes it easy to become deficient in this amazing nutrient. We think that this low dietary fiber content in many meal replacement shakes ? such as Formula 1 ? is why the meal replacement industry has a poor reputation.


As with dietary fiber, micronutrients are an important part of creating a good meal replacement shake: because you won?t be eating as much solid food, you need to take extra care to increase your vitamin and mineral intake. Deficiency in any of these can not only halt your weight loss, but cause serious harm to health.

This is why we are concerned to note that the Formula 1 shake only contains 9 vitamins and mineals on average. This is not sufficient when we note that there are approximately 24 ?major? micronutrients. Even if Formula 1 covers all the essential vitamins and minerals, it is important to note that this is not sufficient for those who are replacing 2 of their meals with shakes, as these individuals will need extra nutritional support. Simply put, the essential vitamins and minerals are not enough because we need to cover all the bases!

IsaLean contains 24 vitamins and minerals, with some variations going even further than this. We believe this is one of the ways that Isagenix products set themselves apart from low-quality supplement brands. With a comprehensive approach to nutrition, they aim at promoting proper health and wellness as a foundation for weight loss. A large variety of micronutrients is one way of demonstrating this philosophy.


It?s not looking good for Herbalife. Whilst this company is well established and has seen some corporate success, its nutritional profile does not seem to justify this success. The meal replacement shakes are the flagship product for the brand and they do not compare favourable across any of the main measures of a good replacement shake. Isagenix IsaLean performs better on every metric. Whilst IsaLean PRO is even more effective, we believe that this is a premium product and comparing it would be unfair. This basic nutritional information is available publically: if you?re not convinced yet, compare the results for yourself and think about what these nutritional benefits could mean for your diet success!

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